Shelled Oat Rice

Shelled Oat Rice

Shelled Oat Rice

Brand: Otelia
Origin Canada
Price HK$59

Go beyond breakfast, Otelia ™ Oat Rice offers an innovative way to enjoy the goodness of oats.

High in fibre and selenium, Otelia ™ Oat Rice can be used as a substitute for regular white or brown rice to enhance, making any rice-based dish tastier and more nutritious. It fully retains the natural full flavour of oats, it has a unique soft yet chewy texture, different from any regular type of rice. Ready to cook, easy to digest, Otelia ™ Oat Rice can be enjoyed by young and old alike --- a natural nutritious addition to any meal, and part of a healthy lifestyle for your family.

Health Benefits of Oats

·         Help normalize blood sugar

·         Decrease blood cholesterol

·         Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases

·         Help improve immune system

·         Improve digestive motility

Oat Rice

Features of Oat Rice

·         No rinse required

·         Ready to cook

·         Premium Shelling technology

·         Non-GMO

·         Cholesterol free

·         Free of additives and preservatives

·         Made with 100% premium Canadian oat groats

·         Source of Fibre

·         Source of Selenium