Baby Cleanser

Baby Cleanser

Baby Cleanser

Brand: SUNKI
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$138

Organic Products

Product Name:

Sunki Organic Baby Cleanser with Organic Sunflower Seed

Key points:

  • Accord with Ecocert EU standards
  • PH value almost closer to baby skin
  • Mild nature and meticulous bubble
  • Especially suitable for sensitive skin and eczema
  • Natural anti-fungal, effective odor removal
  • No more tears formula
  • Not slip hand and easily wash
  • Contain a variety of organic plant extracts, does not irritate the newborn baby's skin.
  • * Low sensitive natural plant formula


Choose a variety of natural organic plant, mild and non-astringent eye, sterilization of organic sunflower seeds, Sapindus excellent washing effect, non-irritant the baby's protective layer of natural oils for healthy growth. Organic Aloe Vera and organic argan oil effective moisturizing. Without any chemical fragrances and preservatives.

Pure water, Sapindus fruit essential, Organic aloe leaf powder, Organic sage extract, Organic argan oil, Organic citrus limonum Oil and Organic sunflower seed extract.