100% Natural Yogurt Melts Mixed Berry (Blueberry, Strawberry & Rapsberry)

100% Natural Yogurt Melts Mixed Berry (Blueberry, Strawberry & Rapsberry)

100% Natural Yogurt Melts Mixed Berry (Blueberry, Strawberry & Rapsberry)

Brand: Wel-B
Item No. AA-00018
Origin 泰國Thailand
7g x 6 packs
Price HK$75

The hottest REAL healthy baby snacks are now in town!

Wel-B, stands for Well-Being, i.e. healthy & blissful life. Wel-B is founded by a group of best friends who share a common goal - To select the best, the safest and the healthiest for their beloved family. With this belief, the group researched a vast variety of production methods and techniques. After countless trials and errors, they finally identified the perfect formula for the creation of WEL-B, the best, the safest and the healthiest snacks of the century! Everyone loves Wel-B!

Wel-B has 4 key core values - 'With Heart, We Use the Best, To Create the Best, Shoulder Social Responsibility'. Support Wel-B, spread the healthy & blissful life!


<Product Information>

Ingredients:100% Yogurt with Mixed berry-Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry(100% natural,so REAL!)  

Calorie:100 kcal/box (Super light!)  

Shelf Life:12 months (A good friend to grow up with your baby!!) 




Colour, aroma & flavour:Melts in babies' mouth. Real taste of berries. Delight baby's taste buds with a burst of mixed berries flavour, so real! It is the perfect balance of yogurt and mixed berries!

Recommended for:Babies (subject to babies' feeding development), and berries-lovers!


<Something GREAT about the product>

- The 8 Super 'NOs': (1) NO added sugar (2) NO trans-fat (3) NO preservatives (4) NO additivs (5) NO colourants (6)NO MSG (7) NO Gluten (8) NO GMOs Worry-free for mums!

- Learning to pick up: When your baby is approaching 12-month old, they are slowly learning to grab items. We specially designed 5 shapes for babies to learn grabbing and picking up.

- Super Clean Eating:Have you imagined how babies eat berries? You wont find it surprised that juice spills all over the clothes, and might be your house too. That is a big NO NO! Wel-B Baby 100% Natural Yogurt Melts Mixed Berries, nutrient-rich, colour, aroma & taste are retained to its utmost, only WITHOUT the trouble of cleaning your clothes. Trouble-free!

- Mood-lifting Packaging Design: Contemporarily designed packaging, skillfully matching of colours and tones, vibrant drawings, Wel-B is mind-soothing! Cheer up your day! With Wel-B, it has become so portable to enjoy the fruits you like, the portions you need anytime, anywhere. Healthy and blissful all year round!


<A little sharing on production:Vacuum Freeze-dried>

Freeze Drying is an advanced technique in food preservation notable for its distinguished preservative capability. This method is preferred by NASA for food preparation for the team of superior astronauts. Now, you don't have to be an astronaut to try a bite of astronauts food!

The fruits are frozen at -40oC; Temperature is slowly heated up under a high vacuum environment to sublime water ice into air - freeze drying. Neither high temperature nor oil is used. In less than 24 hours, fruits become crunchy, yummy and healthy! All of the essential nutrients, colour, aroma and flavour are locked in. 100% natural!

Production environment is under high vacuum, germ-free, extremely hygienic, prolonging shelf life to 12 months!  


<Product Certifications:GMP,HACCP,BRC ,HALAL>

Quality is the core of Wel-B's philosophy. We are 100% complied with global certifications GMP, HACCP, BRC and HALAL. Quality guaranteed!

Wel-B has a strict raw material selection. Ripened fruits and vegetables are manually and freshly screened and picked from quality fields. The fresher the fruit is, the more nutrients it has! Fruits selected will then be delivered straight to production site, freshness is highly retained. All fruits and vegetables ready to enter production are at their best condition!


Mixed Berry 6 bagsx7g (Blueberry, Strawberry & Rapsberry)