Fruit & Vegetable Detergent

Fruit & Vegetable Detergent

Fruit & Vegetable Detergent

Brand: RENEW
Origin hong kong
Price HK$80
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Suitable for washing a variety of fresh food, like vegetables, fruit, meats, seafood as well as babies’ feeding bottle and pacifier.

Effectively removes residues, fruit wax, chemical pollutant, parasite and bacteria. Helps fresh seafood eliminate toxins and contaminants in their body as well as dirt and parasites on skin.

Reduces fruit & vegetable spoilage if you soak them without rinse. Need to rinse with water before serving.

Major ingredients: Herbal extracts, citric acid, starch, sea salt

How To Use

Dissolve the fruit & vegetable detergent into water in the scale of 100ml water with 1g
powder. Then soak the food for 20 minutes. Rinse with running water before serve.