Carun - Hemp Mouthwash

Carun - Hemp Mouthwash

Carun - Hemp Mouthwash

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Hemp mouthwash Carun is enriched by the cannabis plant, stems, horsetail, sage, cloves, cinnamon, mint and stevia, which operate through effective plant substances.It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and have strong prevention and calming effects.

This combination of natural substances can effectively assist in the treatment of unpleasant oral disease, such as acute dental pain, inflammation, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers or periodontitis.

Mouthwash Carun is the result of several studies and has been developed in our modern laboratory to suit a broad range of customers with oral problems.

Ingredients antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-viral and are strongly astringent and soothing effects. The mouthwash is contained extract of whole plant Cannabis Sativa , stems, horsetail , sage , cloves, cinnamon , mint and stevia .

This combination of natural substances, together with an extract of cannabis can effectively assist in the treatment of unpleasant diseases in the oral cavity , such as acute toothache , gingivitis , bleeding gums, mouth ulcers or periodontitis . These effects on the state of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity pharmacists were positively verified and confirmed.

Mouthwash contains an extract from the whole plant Cannabis Sativa, which is rich in substances called cannabinoids ( the substance is only in the hemp plant ) which have strong anti-inflammatory , analgesic , antibacterial and astringent capacity so that they are important in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis , thrush and acute pain of the teeth and gums.

Mouthwash also contains agrimony, which speeds healing and soothes irritated mucous membranes. Horsetail have verified HAEMOSTATIC effects. Clove has the effect of local anesthetics and thus numbing effects , consult with sore teeth and gums and completely destroys the bacteria . Stevia has a sweet taste and its effects on oral health have been scientifically proven many times , particularly its ability to prevent tooth decay and gum is invaluable. Other positive features of mouthwash complement the centuries of proven herbs like sage , cinnamon or mint .

Concentrate for 60 uses Mix with water.

Volume: 150ml