Baby Antibacterial Laundry Detergent

Baby Antibacterial Laundry Detergent

Baby Antibacterial Laundry Detergent

Brand: RENEW
Origin hong kong
Price HK$188

Special designed for new born baby and toddler’s delicate skin. Natural and mild, updated formula for anti-dust mite and antiseptic.



Suitable for baby clothes made from cotton, linen, wood, silk, synthetic fibres, etc.


Citric acid, sea salt, edible puffing powder, herbal extracts, etc.

Special Features

Natural and mild. Free from fragrance, phosphorus, enzyme, optical brighteners or other harmful chemicals.

99.9% anti-bacteria. Swiss SGS safety tests proven. Effectively deactivate bacteria that harmful to immune system.

Unique foamless formula makes it easier to rinse. Tough on stains but leaves no residue, avoiding itch, erythema and any other anaphylactic reaction.

Updated formula for dust mite and formaldehyde removal prevents stimulation to
baby’s breathing system, skin, etc.

Biodegradable with purification effects. Water discharged can be used for cleaning
toilets, mopping floor, etc. Water resources can be protected.

Main ingredients: Citric acid, sea salt, edible puffing powder, herbal extracts

How To Use

For a standard wash, only 7-10g is required for every kilo of laundry. Vary amount
depending on the extent of stains.

For machine wash: Please follow washing machine instructions for detergent usage.

For hand wash: Dissolve appropriate amount of detergent in water. Gently knead the
laundry until the stains disappear. Rinse with fresh water and let clothes dry.
For remarkable effects, soak the laundry for 30 minutes or longer.