Carun - Hemp Seed

Carun - Hemp Seed

Carun - Hemp Seed

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Hemp seeds contain high levels of protein and beneficial plant sterols that are important in the human body.  Carun hemp seeds have an excellent ratio (1:3) of essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 and omega-6, which is reported to be closest to that of the human body, therefor promoting a healthy metabolism when taken as part of a healthy balanced diet. Carun hemp seeds also promote healthy lactation for nursing mothers, and can increase the amount of gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA) in breast milk.

 The minimum daily doses of nutrients for an adult are already provided from just a handful of hemp seeds whilst the essential fatty acids help to maintain healthy cellular activity.  Hemp seeds also help to maintain a healthy hormonal balance, which in turn promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Substances from hemp seeds are also recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis. Essential fatty acids are also excellent for the prevention of bronchial asthma, arthritis and ulcers.  The nutrients found in Carun Hemp seeds, operate within the endocannabinoid system, which maintains the balance in all vitally important systems in the human body; digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system, skeletal & muscular system, endocrine and cardiovascular function, fat burning and immune system. The regulation of the endocannabinoid system also helps to protect our bodies from physiological, biochemical and psychological stresses, caused by daily interaction with our harsh surroundings.  Endocannabinoid also have a positive effect on a person’s ability to learn and process new information

Many scientific researches have proven the presence of cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system and most of the peripheral tissues, including the immune, reproductive and digestive systems.  Cannabinoid receptors have also been located in the hormonal glands, arteries, lungs and heart. Carun Hemp Seeds can also help to reduce butyric acid, which is responsible for muscle pains and aches. The presence of essential fatty acids is also useful for lowering cholesterol, which has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Carun Hemp Seeds are produced from selected sorts of hemp, which does not contain the psychoactive substance, THC. Carun Hemp Seeds are peeled sparingly, in order to preserve all valuable nutrients. They can be added to almost any type of food when cooking, and is also a tasty ingredient in cold dishes as it has a delicious nutty flavour. 

Once opened, we recommend storing in a refrigerator.

Does not contain gluten, or nuts. 

100 g of product contains on average:

The energy value of 2451.6 KJ / 591.8 kcal 
Protein 30.0 g 
Carbohydrates 2.4 g 
of which are sugars 1.4 g 
Fat 52.5 g 
of which: unsaturated fatty acids 5.3 g
monounsaturated fatty acids 7.8 g 
polyunsaturated fatty acids 39.4 g 

Linoleic acid 27.5 g 
Acid alpha-linolenic 9.3 g 
Gamma-linoleic acid 1.9 g 
Dietary fiber 1.3 g 
0.005 g sodium 

Micronutrient substances (trace elements): 
Iodine 0.8 mg 
Chromium 0.065 mg 
Silver 0.4 mg 
1.68 mg of Calcium 
Phosphorus 8.3 mg 
179 mg iron 
Boron 9.5 mg 
Zinc 82 mg 
Copper 12 mg 
Magnesium 6.059 mg 

Provitamin A (beta carotene) 5-6 mg 
Vitamin B1 0.9 mg 
Vitamin B2 1.1 mg 
2.5 mg Vitamin B3 
Vitamin E 3 mg 

Protein from 22 to 25 grams


Recommended daily dose: 15-20 g