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Real Salt is nature’s first sea salt. During the earth’s Jurassic era earlier than 150 millions, a sea covered much of what is now North America. Over time the water in this sea evaporated, leaving the salt in a vast deposit in central Utah. Eventually a range of volcanoes erupted around the ancient seabed, sealing the salt and trace minerals under a protective layer of bentonite clay. Geologically, the Real Salt deposit has been perfectly protected from erosion and modern pollutants, which is why we’re able to bring you Real Salt today.

RealSalt is real, authentic salt. Unrefined, full of flavor and naturally-occurring minerals, Real Salt is salt exactly as nature made it.

RealSalt is extracted from deep within the earth, crushed, screened, and packaged without any bleaching or refining.

RealSalt is sea salt, rock and crystal salt has been formed more than 150 millions years

RealSalt's unique "pinkish" appearance and flecks of color come from more than 60+ trace minerals, including iodine.

Health Benefits of consumption of real salt:

• help our bodies utilize vitamins

• regulate heartbeat

• prevent muscle cramps

• maintain firmness in bones

• balance blood sugar and pH levels (alkalinity/acidity)

• regulate electrolyte balance of cells, which aids in conducting electricity (our bodies run off of this)

• supports nutrient absorption

• promote healthy sleep patterns

• reduce acid reflux

• regulate blood pressure

• improve circulation

• detoxify heavy metals

• promote sinus health

• supports your libido

• promote vascular health

• reduce cellulite

• reduce chances of developing kidney and gall bladder stones

• and much more!