Organic Body Wash with Organic Sunflower Seed

Organic Body Wash with Organic Sunflower Seed

Organic Body Wash with Organic Sunflower Seed

Brand: SUNKI
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$108

Product Name:

Sunki Organic Body Wash with Organic Sunflower Seed

Key points:

  • Accord with Ecocert EU standards
  • PH value of the aqueous almost closer to human skin
  • Mild nature and meticulous bubble
  • Especially suitable for sensitive skin and eczema
  • Natural anti-fungal, effective odor removal
  • Natural smell help you sleep easily
  • Effective way to help relieve the tension of urban life
  • Powerful moisturizing hyaluronic acid, effectively relieve dry itchy
  • Natural herbal, difficult clogging the pores
  • Clean without drying
  • Mild nature does not stimulate


Organic maca, contain 20 amino acids, 8 kinds of vitamins plant polyphenols, saponins and other active ingredients, lenify people pressure and anxiety, emotional stability. Organic aloe vera help care help care after sunburn, improving skin conditions. Organic sunflower seeds have skin care factor, containing natural skin quality similar trioleate, glycerol. Argan oil, natural vitamin E and F, with improved drying, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, relieve skin allergies, eczema and stretch marks, organic sage can promote skin regeneration, anti-oxidation, adjust sebum secretion, regulate sweating.

Main Ingredients:

Pure Water, Coconut oil, Sapindus fruit essential, Olive oil, Organic lecithine, Amino acids, Organic aloe extract, Hyaluronic acid, Organic argan oil, Organic ginkgo extract, Organic sage extract, Organic sunflower seed extract, Peppermint oil and Ginger essential oil.