Washing Liquid

Washing Liquid

Washing Liquid

Brand: Chee Yen
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$128

Product Name:

Chee Yen Washing Liquid

Key points:

  • Altitude of 1500 meters Alishan green tea extraction
  • Tea saponin - natural saponin, mild and clean
  • Tea polyphenols - white bright color soft clothing
  • Theophylline - effectively remove stubborn dirt
  • Add Sapindus extract, antibacterial 99%


An altitude of 1500 meters Alishan green tea extract, tea saponin - natural saponin, gentle cleansing, polyphenols - white and brightly colored soft clothes, theophylline - effectively remove stubborn dirt dirt, add Sapindus extraction, antimicrobial 99%.

Main Ingredients:

Pure Water, Coconut oil potassium hydroxide, Sapindus fruit essential, Green tea extract and Alishan tea.