Washing Powder

Washing Powder

Washing Powder

Brand: Chee Yen
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$68

Product Name:

Chee Yen Soapberry Washing Powder

Key points:

  • Easy to clean, lily smell
  • Effective bacteriostasis, anti-dust mite
  • Effective drive away from the clothes on the dust mites attached
  • Inhibit the growth of microorganisms
  • Add Sapindus Extract, Eucalyptus, Lily and Enzyme Extract
  • Not to hurt clothing and skin, good decontamination
  • After washing clothes distributed faint pleasant natural aroma
  • Good wash easy, no residue


Easy Wash, rinse fragrant lilies, effective antibacterial, anti-dust mite drive. Using advanced imported raw materials, stable foam, the effective expulsion of dust mites attached to the clothes, while both inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Add Sapindus extract, eucalyptus oil, lily oil, enzymes, etc., not to hurt the clothing and skin, detergency good! Washed clothes delicately pleasant natural aroma.

Sapindus fruit essential, Eucalyptus oil, Lily oil and Enzymes.