Baby Clothing Detergent

Baby Clothing Detergent

Baby Clothing Detergent

Brand: Chee Yen
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$68

Product Name:

Chee Yen Baby Clothing Detergent

Key points:

  • Herbal essential oils, environmentally friendly formula
  • Does not contain fluorescent agent
  • Pure and mild, does not hurt the cloth
  • Effective cleaning of clothing on the dirt and anti-mite effect
  • Foam soft, good rinse


Herbal essential oils, environmental protection formula does not contain fluorescent agents, pure quality mild, not to hurt the cloth, can effectively clean dirt and anti-mite effect on the clothing, foam and soft, good rinse.

Waterpurified, Coconut oil potassium hydroxide, Sapindus fruit essential, and Enzymes.