Brand: Real Salt
Item No. 018788105008
Origin USA
Price HK$100

Redmond RealSalt Sea SPA Bath Salt is a natural mineral sea salt that comes from a sea bed dating back thousands of years. This prehistoric deposit has been tucked away, protected from modern-day pollution. We extract this salt from deep within the earth, and bring it to you in its pure, natural state–without any additives, chemicals, or heat processing. The result is an all natural sea salt, rich in trace minerals.

In Redmond RealSalt Sea SPA Bath Salt you will find an abundance of trace minerals that can help restore mineral-deficient bodies back to good health. Through osmosis, toxins are released from the body into the bath water, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin.Benefits of Redmond Sea SPA Bath Salt

* Relax * Detoxify * Remineralize * Rejuvenate * Energize

Redmond Sea SPA Bath Salt is great for:

  • Soothing Stiff, Sore & Aching Muscles
  • Detoxification & Cleansing
  • Improving Circulation
  • Promoting Sound, Restful Sleep
  • Remineralizing the Body

How does Redmond Bath Salt promote better health?
Due to the abundance of natural trace minerals in our salt, Redmond Bath Salt provides healing properties for the skin and body. Toxins are released from the body into the bath water through osmosis, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin.

Are there any additives in Redmond Bath Salt?
All of the minerals in Redmond Bath Salt are naturally occurring. Most bath salts on the market today have oils and fragrances added to them (which may cause allergic reactions) and often times leave an oily residue around the rim of the tub. Our bath salt, on the other hand, is so natural, you can eat it!

How to Use Redmond Sea SPA Bath Salt

How much Redmond Bath Salt should I use?
Using 1/2 a cup of Redmond Bath Salt per bath can effectively draw out toxins and help remineralize the body. Some spa experts suggest using up to two cups of natural mineral salt per bath and soaking for 30 minutes.

Can I add my own essential oils to Redmond Bath Salt?
What makes Redmond Bath Salt unique to many bath salts on the market today, is the fact that it is a natural, unrefined product with no additives. It is difficult to find additive-free bath salts that are naturally loaded with trace minerals. While very effective without essential oils, some choose to customize their Redmond Bath Salt by adding drops of their favorite essential oils to the bath water.

Why is there reddish sediment in my tub after using Redmond Bath Salt?
In our Redmond Bath Salts you will find more than 60 natural trace minerals. The residue left on the floor of the tub comes from these natural minerals of which can be washed safely down the drain.

For Maximum Effect
The salt concentration has to be at least the same as the one of your body fluids (approximately 1%) to activate the osmotic exchange ratio. The formula for a 1% solution is 1.28 ounces of salt per gallon of water.