Cleaning Powder

Cleaning Powder

Cleaning Powder

Brand: RENEW
Origin Hong Kong
Price HK$80

Wide usage. Suitable for cleaning utensils, cabinets, range hoods, exhaust fans, gas stoves, refrigerators, car engines, tires, car seats, tiles, glassware, wood floors, doors and windows, carpets, plastic products, porcelain products for bathroom, leather shoes, sports shoes, leathers sofa, etc.


Special Features

Special formulated with natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals included.

Effective cleaning and sterilize. 99.9% anti-bacterial. Prevents allergy, remove odour, and gentle to your skin.

Remarkable effects on stain removal. Can be easily remove stubborn oil stains on aluminium, metal and stainless steel utensils.

Hong Kong Green Label certified. Safe, healthy and eco-friendly.

Citric acid, sea salt, coconut alcohols, edible puffing powder, etc.