Rakouma soaps are all handmade, using the cold-process method; which means they are made in low temperature in order to preserve all oil components and nutritive benefits

Cold processed soaps are naturally rich in glycerin. Glycerin soaps are one of the most moisturizing types of soap. Softer and less aggressive for the hydrolipidic film of the skin, once washed and rinsed, the skin does not pull and remains very soft.

Cold process soap has usually fewer bubbles because it has no added chemicals, which are often added in the industrial soap.


Among the soaps of our range, some are formulated with essential oils. We have taken particular care to use these oils sparingly to minimize the potential sensitivities to these products.

We combine different oils according to the type of soaps and desired properties: For example, our hair soap will be enriched with essential oil of Rosemary, reputed revitalizing for capillary care.


However, we do not advise pregnant women and infants to use these soaps: we have other soaps in our range which are Fragrance-free, formulated without essential oils and specially adapted to the most sensitive skin.

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