Camellia Seed Botanical Treatment Shampoo

Camellia Seed Botanical Treatment Shampoo

Camellia Seed Botanical Treatment Shampoo

Origin Hong Kong
Price HK$208

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Camellia Seed Botanical Treatment Shampoo is a natural, mild and effective formula suitable for all hair type and people with fragile hair or sensitive scalp. Contains Camellia Seed, Chamomile and Sugar Beet extracts to provide four fundamentals of hair care – to soothe, moisturize, nutrition, and repair. Among all theÊextracts, Sugar Beet is unique for moisture retention, and functions to create a protective shield, keeping water in, refining scalp and reactivating hair growth while strengthening every strand of the hair to eliminate hair loss, and breaking. It also helps to lower itchiness and allergy stemmed from irritation of disturbances accumulated on scalp.

Vitamin E, Botanpi extract and the exclusive Hair SpaTM from France, together with Camellia Seed extract help to increase metabolism rates and reactivate hair growth, allowing pores and scalp to maintain an optimum level of moisture, avoiding hair loss and breaking. The shampoo can effectively combat dryness, itchiness, and prevent dandruff. Clinical studies have shown that Botanip is part of the peony family and works not only to precipitate hair growth but to do so in a short, incremental time frame. Hair SpaTM is an effective moisture retention system providing immediate and long-lasting hydration, for it regulates the desquamation process and reinforces the skin barrier, helping to renew hair growth, balancing oil level and reducing hair loss. The combined effect of our ingredients is mild yet refreshingly effective in conditioning for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

Method of use:
Apply a generous amount of Camellia Seed Botanical Treatment Shampoo on wet hair and scalp, massage for one to two minutes and rinse with water. Once hair is dry, use Camellia Seed Hair Treatment Oil to gently comb hair for health, shine, and smoothness. Feel no grease, and only perfect hair care results.

Ingredients: Camellia Seed Extract, Chamomile Extract, Hair SpaTM, Sugar Beet Extract, Botanpi Extract, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E

Content: 500mL / 16.88FL.OZ.

Price: HK$208

* Store in dry and cool place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight

* Avoid contact with eyes, in the event of this, please wash with clean water

* Should deep cleansing be required, please repeat use of the product twice

* For thinning hair patches, it is advised to add two drops of Pure Camellia Seed Oil onto the patches and massage for a few moments, after shampooing and washed with Camellia Seed Botanical Treatment Shampoo