Organic Conditioner with Organic Sesame

Organic Conditioner with Organic Sesame

Organic Conditioner with Organic Sesame

Brand: SUNKI
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$138

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Product Name:

Sunki Organic Conditioner with Organic Sesame

Key points:

  • Accord with Ecocert EU standards
  • Mild nature does not stimulate
  • Silicon free, does not clog pores and hair follicles
  • Apply directly to the head massage, easier to absorb nutrients
  • Effective glossy and repair hair
  • Enhance collagen and elastic fibers metabolism
  • Enhance collagen and metabolism of elastic fibers
  • Strong coating function, effectively relieve itching, dandruff improve
  • Natural herbal, easy to break down in water and nature
  • Particularly suitable for use the person who have dandruff and dry hair
  • Moist but not greasy
  • * Direct contact with the skin of head without damage the hair


Use premium natural organic argan oil, shea butter oil, plus organic sesame essence, replace chemical silicone, reducing the chance of pore-clogging, and olive oil and sapindus acid containing natural amino acids. Covering and moisturizing the scalp, there are repair and glossy hair.

Main Ingredients:

Pure Water, Glycerol, Sapindus fruit essential, Sapindus mukurossi gatren saponification fruit oil, Olive oil, Organic aloe extract, Organic argan oil, Organic Shea Butter oil, Organic sesame essence and Plant amino acid.