Original Intention: “Love Yourselves; put oneself in someone else's shoes”
When you choose to move on to the next phrase of life, you need to forget about the past.  
We are not using soaps just to clean our bodies. When you love yourself and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, then, cleansing would become much easier and purer.

The island of Taiwan is surrounded by ocean. It has beautiful forests and mountains, which contain lots of precious natural herbs. The herbs are natural healing gifts from God. It’s a pity that only people from the last generation know how to utilize these herbs for living, and the young generation doesn’t know how to work with these precious resources.

The founder Ron-Yuan Chiang began to make herbal soaps for his own sensitive skin. His original intention is “Love yourself” and “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes” and all of the soap ingredients are from nature: houttuynia from the hills, wild patchouli in fields, and the common wild mugworts on the ground. In order to keep these soaps’ natural healing power and vitality, Yuan uses the natural cold spring water from the mountains of Wanli District, instead of filtered or stilled water. Thus, we believe that the running mountain water can reactivate skin cells and purify people’s minds.

After a couple of years, the original workshop was too small for the market demands; at this time, Yuan Soap relocated to its new workshop and production center by Yangming Mountain and the North Shore. In Tamshui, Yuan established a new research and development center and head office. In addition, Yuan rented and settled a wild farm within Yangmingshan National Reserve. We perform natural, organic farming to preserve the herbs’ natural power. Eventually, our soap makers from the workshop became natural herb farmers. Then, Yuan asked Dr. Tai, from Munich Medical University, to work together and started up the “Yuan International Herbal Research and Development Center.”

In Yuan’s mind, this is not just a piece of soap, a plain land or a dream. You can find “The Ethics of Lands,” and “the Art of Labor” here. Then, we can maximize his original intention: Love yourselves and allow things return to where they belong.

Promises: I don’t like to give promises to anyone. 

You should understand that the moments you have now will become your life’s story.

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