Natural Tea Seed Powder, 500gm

Natural Tea Seed Powder, 500gm

Natural Tea Seed Powder, 500gm

Brand: Natural COOEE
Origin China 中國
Price HK$39

Eco-friendly household cleaner.

Tea seed powder contains natural plant saponin, which can remove bacteria and oil.
It can be used for washing dishes, bathing, and hair care. In addition, soaking vegetables and fruits with tea seed powder can also decompose residual pesticides.

Washing vegetables: Dilute 5-7 grams of tea seed powder with 2 liters of water, soak the vegetables or fruits for 10 minutes, and rinse with water.

Hair care: Use 5-7 grams of tea seed powder to an appropriate amount of water to form a paste, massage gently on the scalp, it can cleanse the scalp, remove dandruff and relieve itching.

*To use on the body, the powder must be of fine so it would not hurt the skin.


Please keep out of reach of children. 
Avoid contact with eyes.
If allergic reaction occurs, seek medical advice immediately.