2 in 1 Soak & Dry

2 in 1 Soak & Dry

2 in 1 Soak & Dry

Brand: Familoves 
Origin Hong Kong
Price HK$98

This is a long-lasting insect and dust-mite repellent technology product. Treated fabrics is effective against mosquitoes, biting insects and dust-mites. It can inhibit the growth of dust-mites by removing the entire food chain, eradication all allergic causing micro-organisms, creating a healthy environment. Treated fabrics will last for a period of 3 months or up to 20 washes.

Target Pest  Mosquitoes and biting insects 

Suitable for  clothing, household textiles, curtains etc

Soak (Soak & Dry)

Make sure the textile clean and dry, the 2 liters of water into the container

  1. dip lotion 300ml 2in1 add water, stir
  2. 0.6 kg of drying the laundry (about 3 pieces of adult clothing or pieces of children's clothing 5) was immersed in a solution to ensure thorough wetting of clothing
  3. Soak 20 minutes
  4. Do not rinse, wring or direct hang to dry or use dryer to dry
  5. disposal in the laundry completely dry before use or storage

CAUTION / Keep out of reach of children               

Active Ingredient Permethrin 0.30% (w/w)       

Registration No: 1P55 (AL)