AEE Eco-egg mini washing machine (220V)

AEE Eco-egg mini washing machine (220V)

AEE Eco-egg mini washing machine (220V)

Origin China
Price HK$1,600

Eco-egg mini washing machine
The proprietary of ECO-egg washing machine is used the ozone generator to kill the bacteria to protect our health. With built-in ozone generator emitting ozone that kills bacterium 600 folds faster than chlorine does It is good and suitable for pregnant women and new born baby.

It can gives a hand to make the underwear of a would -be mother hygeian to build a "firewall" for the fetus against any risks of getting infected by various bacterium and viruses.  it is because the ozone generated inside it can kill them effectively.

⇒Auto water Input,Auto drainage

⇒Auto rinse, Auto Sterilization

⇒Washing & disinfecting


- Washing Capacity    :      1.0KG
- Machine Dimension  :      320mm (L) x 329mm (W) x 460mm(H)
- Machine Weight      :      6.0KG
- Drainage system     :      Up and down type
- Colour                   :      White , Blue White, Pink White
- Certificate            :      CE Standard, CB Standard, CCC Standard
- Warranty              :      1 year