365days Sunscreen Cream

365days Sunscreen Cream

365days Sunscreen Cream

Brand: SUNKI
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$298

Product Name:

Sunki 365days Sunscreen Cream with Orgainic Harungana & Red Raspberry

Key points:

  • Highly prevent UVA, UVB and blue light
  • 100% physical sunscreen
  • Not greasy, not dry and easy to spread
  • Closely to the skin color
  • Easy on the makeup
  • Efficient moisturizing
  • Absolutely mild to the skin


Modern generation is difficult to get away of the blue light create by computer and smart phones. It can cause discoloration of the skin cells, long-speckled and pigmented, it makes accelerating skin aging, leaving the skin exposed to these light sources longer and longer, will not only more difficult to defend than UV, it also most damage to the skin. 
Physical sunblock are different with chemical sunblock, mainly by titanium dioxide and zinc oxide reflection to block the UV. Most safety and stability, without waiting absorb. A long lasting anti-UV usually stay in the skin surface, no chemical reaction and milder for skin. 
We use high-quality plant extracts: 
Raspberry's seed oil contains high vitamin E, A, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, is a very good antioxidant. The study found that the Raspberry's seed oil has the same function of titanium dioxide. Sunblock efficacy up to SPF28 +. 
Madagascar organic calophyllum inophyllum's seed contains a variety of fatty acids, often used in the treatment of skin diseases, acne, skin wounds and difficult to heal wounds. 
Carrot's seed oil can strengthen the erythrocyte, improve color, make the skin more compact and elastic, also counteract skin dark spots, improve itching, eczema, psoriasis, dry and hard skin, is the savior of aging skin. 
Jojoba oil is rich in "complex lipids", our skin is composed of 20-30% complex lipids, when coordinate wheat germ oil it can anti free radical properties, delay the skin aging, strong moisture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, stretch mark, scars, acne and black spots have a certain effect. 

Active ingredient:

Titanium Dioxide 20%, Zinc Oxide 2%

Pure Water, Titanium Dioxide , Zinc Oxide, Raspberry’s seed oil, Madagascar organic calophyllum inophyllum's seed oil, Carrot's seed oil, Jojoba oil and Wheat germ oil.