Moisturizer Cream

Moisturizer Cream

Moisturizer Cream

Brand: SUNKI
Origin Taiwan
Price HK$198

Product Name:

Sunki Moisturizer Cream with Sake Yeast

Key points:

  • Rich vitamin E
  • Whitening, natural sunscreen effect and inhibition of melanin
  • Moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-aging speed
  • Smooth fine wrinkles, repair cells
  • Anti-wrinkle and eliminate scars
  • Promote vasodilation improve fatigue, develop immunity from disease
  • Natural herbal, difficult clogging the pores
  • Tighten pores, remove grease
  • Mild nature does not stimulate
  • Especially suitable for sensitive skin


Suitable for day and night with the use of sake yeast and jojoba oil, rejuvenate skin, smaller pores and antioxidant. And also have sun protection.


Pure water,  Jojoba oil, Glycerol, Sake vinasse, Hyaluronic acid, Olive oil and Wheat germ oil.